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Incomplete or inaccurate weather data can lead to ill-informed decision-making, potentially resulting in financial losses and missed opportunities

Moreover, without precise weather insights, companies might fail to take necessary precautions, risking safety and well-being. Lack of precise and customizable weather data for analytics and business applications beyond 10 days.

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Data-Driven Agricultural Decisions
Empower agribusinesses with precise weather forecasts, ensuring effective irrigation, timely harvests, and proactive pest control strategies, all optimized by the LRC model's predictions.
Retail Demand Predictor
Allow retail industries to harness weather forecasts for strategic inventory management, from seasonal clothing to weather-dependent products, leveraging real-time LRC model insights.
Event Planning Precision
Leverage the power of the innovative LRC model to provide accurate and reliable weather forecasts months in advance.

Weather Data Solutions For Your Business

Offering an API solution that allows businesses to integrate precise weather data directly into their existing systems or applications, facilitating more informed decision-making. Supply, demand, and staffing decicions months in advance will help mitigate losses and generate revenue through consumer action. 

Access highly accurate weather data seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, potentially unlocking new revenue streams through enriched product offerings and improved decision-making, all backed by the predictive prowess of the LRC methodology.

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Tech Companies, Analysts, and Businesses seeking to enrich their platforms with detailed weather data.

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Weather forecast models have been using the same atmospheric flow calculations since 1922. It’s a system rooted in plugging a set of initial conditions into physics formulas and then seeing where they may lead over time in forecast output. 

Modern technology has allowed meteorologists to use better initial conditions, but there are still errors that compound over time. These errors are what limit these models from having any accuracy beyond 14 days.
Patterns to Predictions

Cycles allow us 
to predict the behavior of complex systems.

The physics models, used by pretty much everyone else in weather forecasting, are trying to simulate and predict the conditions of the entire atmosphere. But they can only approximate those conditions. The errors in their approximations compound over time, rendering their longer range forecasts useless. Weather 20/20’s proprietary method takes a different approach.
let’s get statistical

Where physics fail, statistics prevail.

The core tenet of the LRC (Lezak Recurring Cycle) is that a unique weather pattern establishes itself each year. The pattern is identified and then predictions of every day's weather around the world are produced. 

The model calculates actionable data that is being used globally with profitable results through advanced warning.
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One of the only companies in the world that offers accurate long range weather data and analytics on a truly global scale.
Any Where. any when.

We are global

Weather Data Solutions For Your Business

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Proven Accuracy

At Weather 20/20, we’re proud to go beyond the limitations of traditional forecasts that have a limit of any accuracy up to 15 days out.

While, many rely on short-term predictions, our LRC (Lezak Recurring Cycle) model excels in delivering data that is not just accurate and effective, but also extends significantly further into the future up to almost a year out.
What Sets Us Apart

What our clients say

Weather 20/20 used the LRC to predict Hurricane Idalia in 2023, Hurricane Ian a year earlier, and Hurricane ida three years ago weeks to months in advance. We had our mobile field kitchens, supplies, and equipment in place ready to go in as soon as the weather allowed, and they tracked the day to day weather in our relief efforts
Joey Rusek
Joey Rusek
Operations Manager for Operation Barbeque Relief
"We have been working with Weather 20/20 for three years now. Our products are being placed stratigically now using these accurate weather forecasts months in advance."
Tad Trout
Tad Trout
"They provide us a week-by-week outlook that allows us to make supply, demand, and staffing decisions and put them into our plan far in advance". Some of the pictures of these people are in the testimonials I think you already have from our old site, and here are a couple more of Brett Veach and Jay Thomas, attached."
Mike Mason
Mike Mason
Perfect Turf Landscaping, Kansas City, MO
"It will blow your mind how accurate these forecasts have been over the past ten years working with Weather 20/20. The LRC has helped us to ship fireworks to locations that will have the best sales."
Michael Collar
Michael Collar
"In the past six years Elanco has been developing models Weather 20/20's LRC model data through their API resulting in a 3% to 7% impact on $4B in annual revenue, $120M to $280M"
Doug Yoder
Doug Yoder
Retired as former Executive Director Elanco Animal Health
"Awesome, another great forecast using your LRC. From predicting that hurricane (Hurricane Ian) hitting Florida weeks before we went to Tampa for the big game in 2022 to this year's week-by-week predictions far in advance, Weather 20/20 has been spot on each time. You have never been wrong my man."
Brett Veach
Brett Veach
General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs
"This LRC of yours, it's one home run after another, and months out. It's mind blowing that weather can be predicted that far out, and how you were able to come across this year's ago".
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas
WDAY Radio Host in North Dakota

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